I write about roofs, walls and fences: housing, homelessness, exclusion, enclosure. My research interests include California land use and U.S. sites where Japanese Americans were incarcerated during World War II.

I edited the California Studies Association newsletter for a couple of years: May 2016 * Jun. 2016Sep. 2016 * Feb. 2017 * Aug. 2017. The September 2015 newsletter includes my writeup of two interviews, 13 years apart, with playwright, poet and civil liberties hero Hiroshi Kashiwagi.

I was editor of California Planning & Development Report in 2014, and later a contributing editor. Here’s one of my stories on water politics in the Tehachapi ranchlands between the Santa Clarita Valley and Kern County — a topic I would still love to pursue further.

In the 2002-2007 housing boom years I was a regular contributor to Affordable Housing Finance, a technical magazine on subsidized housing. I ran the publication’s first weblog during the initial Hurricane Katrina recovery months.

I have also written for:


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