I write about roofs, walls and fences: housing, homelessness, exclusion, enclosure. My research interests include California land use and U.S. sites where Japanese Americans were incarcerated during World War II.

I edited the California Studies Association newsletter from May 2016 through August 2017. The earlier September 2015 newsletter includes my writeup of two interviews, 13 years apart, with playwright, poet and civil liberties hero Hiroshi Kashiwagi.

I was editor of California Planning & Development Report in 2014, and later a contributing editor. Here’s one of my stories on water politics in the Tehachapi ranchlands between the Santa Clarita Valley and Kern County — a topic I would still love to pursue further.

In the 2002-2007 housing boom years I was a regular contributor to Affordable Housing Finance, a technical magazine on subsidized housing. I ran the publication’s first weblog during the initial Hurricane Katrina recovery months.

I have also written for:


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