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Social policing, north bank, Mission Creek

Social policing signs, north side of Mission Creek

As you can see from background views of the viaduct support, the three signs in these pictures are all awfully close to one another. They’re along the promenade on the north side of Mission Creek. Fifteen years ago, the major residential center on the north bank of Mission Creek was a long-term informal encampment. Now the site has a branch public library, apartments, condos, joggers, people walking small delicate dogs. The only visible evidence that this is recently contested ground is in the very many signs reproaching users of this public space to Be Good Neighbors.


Actually, neither one of these things is a mountain lion.

Because I have a thing for wrongfooted warning signs (see also yesterday’s item):

ImageImageAt left is a sign near the gate at the Asilomar conference center and resort in Pacific Grove, CA. (PIcture taken a while ago but the sign is still there.)

Below is a sign in Fremont Peak State Park on the other side of Salinas from there.

Each one of these signs marks a huge patch of poison oak, which can release dangerous oils from the stems even when not in leaf. By comparison with which, who’s afraid of a little old mountain lion?

Space-claiming signs #3: this may be San Francisco’s champion sidewalk-planter nag

San Francisco sidewalk planters surrounding trees take a lot of abuse. Result: lots of more and less charming Keep Off The Plants signs. This one, spotted on Irving Street yesterday, may be the champion. Possibly in the “Shut Up” category as well. The text on the square at the top reads, “Welcome! Please talk quietly. Neighbors hear almost everything. No Smoking. Much appreciated, Your Neighbors.”Image

Space-claiming signs #2: new vs old Valencia Street style

The signs here are within two blocks of each other on fast-changing Valencia Street. Both are nagging reminders to respect shared auditory space. Both have that San Francisco acerbity. But they’re reflecting and addressing different social styles. Dog Eared Books at left, Tacolicious at right. Would Dog Eared readers stand for the mock-parental tone of “use your inside voice”? (Click to enlarge either image.)