A good Twitter conversation on anti-sitting design

I put together a quick Storify from today’s good Twitter conversation about anti-sitting spikes in public spaces and other attempts to move non-paying customers along in public space.



2 thoughts on “A good Twitter conversation on anti-sitting design

  1. Bruce and Joy

    I swear one day I’m goiing to get you some photos of these very old stone fences in PA with pointy rocks pasted on top with whatever adhesive stone builders used back in the day. Presumably they are depression era but that’s my guess. I’m going to ask some of the 90+ year old parents of my wife and see if they remember if they predated that time. But what you are showing isn’t new. And what book did I read that described leady old bathtubs being placed over stone steps in cities long ago, as described where I read the story, to keep gay men from making out on people’s front steps. Although I suspect it was for more than just gay men.

    [Edited to leave out a personal note.]


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