Boundaries South of Market, San Francisco

At left: hole in the patch in the fence that they put up after they shut down the King Street camp. At right: Fence on the north side of the highway onramp, blocking the shortcut between the Berry Street housing and the Fourth Street rail station, taken from near the place where they shut down the King Street camp.

IMG_0569detail IMG_0570scaled



Right: five no-trespassing, no-parking and no-dogs signs. Count ’em, five.






Below: Telling myself the scary Disney billboard is about Santa, not taking your car. That’s 850 Bryant in the background, AKA the Hall of Justice.

IMG_0574scaled 850 Bryant from Boardman Place.IMG_0576scaled County Jail public entranceIMG_0579scaled They really do mean Customer Service is off to the left. Customer Service means the building with the heavy-glassed transaction windows where you pay to get your car back.IMG_0582scaled Elementary school. I guess these gates are primarily to shut people out, not in?IMG_0583detail Digital gates.IMG_0585detail Home.IMG_0587


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