It isn’t even past

I’m nearly sure that part of this Tule Lake area farmhouse complex is made from sections of barracks out of the nearby Segregation Center. That’s possibly not true for the house in front, or anyway not all of it, because barrack sections were typically 20 feet wide. But the unpainted shed at the back of the property, on the left side of the photo — it has the look.

IMG_1497detailPicture me driving down a road near Tule Lake muttering “Barrack… barrack… potato shed… nah, too modern… no, look at that row of five chimney pots, it’s a barrack…” Picture long-suffering spouse waiting for the part where we take a nice walk in the mountains very far away from the barracks.

I posted a couple of better recycled-barrack pictures two years ago on the Lodging in Public blog here.


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